Board of Directors

President Anthony Paiva

Registrar/Director Ken Tousignant

Sponsorship Director Rob Gianfrancesco

Summer Schedule/Rosters are up!

The league will be starting Monday June 28, 2021.

Please check schedules on this web-page as coaches are not required to send emails, they are already volunteering enough with games weekly. 

Want it to make is easier for all as it is Summer and want everyone to enjoy!

Be safe, Enjoy, and see you all on the courts!


Thank you for all the sponsors in the past, the league greatly appreciates it as well as the kids.


Please follow us on facebook @ Northmen hoops to get cancellations, updates, and or information. 

Email: info@northmenhoopsri.com

If payment or Payment arraignments are not made prior to the first games, players will not be placed on a team and may be wait listed

All players not signed up or wait listed by the first game will not be allowed to sign up late, we will wait list in the event of an injury or team vacancy that puts a roster below the minimum number of players needed.

Starting winter on 2017/2018 Please note that children will be assigned to their coaches and practice times, roster requests will not be honored